3 hacking suspects arrested PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 November 2012 14:16

Three men, tagged as behind a hacking incident at Sitio Lawaan, Dulian, were arrested and four bogas were confiscated from their possession Friday night.

Arrested were Arnold Jalon y Dela Cruz, Rodelino Jalon y Dela Cruz and Romeo Jalon y Imbing.

Policemen recovered from their possession four gas-generated combustion gun called boga and a bolo during a follow-up operation.

Investigation showed that Dante Samonte y Locson, 34, single of Sitio Lawaan, was earlier hacked and wounded by Arnold and Rodelino.

The incident took place after heated argument that ensued during a drinking spree.

The victim sustained hack wounds in the body and was taken to the Zamboanga City Medical Center for treatment.

Policemen conducted a follow-up operation that resulted in the arrest of the three men and the seizure of the boga and bolo that was used in the hacking.

The suspects were detained at the police station while the seized weapons were turned over to the investigators for the filing of charges against them in court. – Dan Toribio Jr.