With Jalosjos’ ZTZ imminent collapse, Fabian chances up PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 November 2012 14:17

With the imminent collapse of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) in this city and the disintegration of its allied group, Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ), the prospects of a down-to-the-wire finish between local administration bets and the contenders of the Nacionalista Party (NP) coalition are running high.

Because of the recent Supreme Court decision that has rendered the candidacy of former Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos null and void, Congressman Erico Basilio “Erbie” Fabian, NP candidate for mayor in next year’s elections, said that his party’s chances of pulling off an upset over the vaunted administration coalition has become greater.

Fabian draws his strength from his group, “Fuerza Zamboanga” and moderate independents and professionals – most of them first-time politicians – who have expressed willingness to sacrifice their esteemed profession in the name of genuine public service and social morality.

Running under enormous fiscal disadvantage as compared to the local administration’s unlimited resources, Fabian declared in a recent caucus with his teammates that while money will play a vital role in winning next year’s polls, “unity, integrity, sincerity, truth and justice for all” will overcome his team’s lack of resources.

“This group is built around people with vigor and vitality and their relationship among one another is amicable and harmonious. We are one happy family,” Fabian said.
“We believe in democracy, in a government fundamentally founded on respect and supplemented with bright hopes for the future of Zamboanga city,” he said.

Fabian has anchored his political thrust on his 10-point agenda of progress, foremost of which are law and order, uninterrupted power supply, tangible infrastructure, the fight against graft and corruption and the exclusion of Zamboanga city from any form of regional autonomous government or Bangsamoro entity.

“These are the motivations that will help propel our city to greater heights. We cannot build a city based on certain dictatorial doctrines. We all must move together in perfect harmony, putting the interest of people ahead of our own personal gains,” Fabian stressed.

Asked what his decision in case the Jalosjos group offers to support him in the event former Cong. Romeo Jalosjos will ultimately be disqualified to run, Fabian said in a separate interview that he will welcome such move, but stressed that it should be unconditional support without promises of concession or sacrificing his Fuerza candidates.

“I will welcome such support, but that should come without any condition demand from the ZTZ and my Fuerza team should remain intact. No one will be sacrificed,” Fabian pointed out. “We, my team, will remain united and solid.” — Bob Jaldon