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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 14:10

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) regional office wishes to announce that November 15, Thursday, 2012 is considered as Muslim legal holiday as provided for under P.O. 1083 in celebration of Islamic New Year (Amun-Jaded), the birth of Hijra Calender.

The announcement was made by Prof. Ilkhab A. Salahuddin,  NCMF regional office officer-In-charge in consultation with the Manila office and the Ulamas of Region 9 which date is fixed and a need to sight the moon is not necessary. An announcement can now be published this early to make sure that the public is properly informed.

In an interview, Prof. Salahuddin said celebrating Islamic New Year or Amun Jaded in Arabic may not have religious obligations to Muslims, but it reminds us of the flight of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D. and marks an important milestone in Islamic history, because it brought the religion to more people.

He emphasized that Islamic Calendar is a Lunar Calendar, based on the revolution of the moon. It starts with the first day of Muharram, which is the first month of the Islamic Calendar. However, migration of the prophet did not take place on the first day of Muharram but on the 3rd Islamic month. The Islamic Calendar itself was instituted after the actual migration, and in the book of Adil Salahi, Muhammad, Man and Prophet, the Prophet’s arrival at Yathrib, the old name of Madinah, was on the twelveth of the Lunar Month, Rabi-al awwal, in the year which was to become the first in the Islamic Calendar. This date has been calculated to correspond to 24 September 622 A.D.

While in Medina, Usman Ibn Alkhattab, a close companion of the prophet, first introduced Islamic Calendar upon consultation with his advisors in order to come up to a decision regarding the various dating systems use at that time. It was agreed that the most appropriate reference point for the Islamic calendar was the Hijrah, since it was an important turning point for the Muslim community. This development has grown to become the most important event in Muslim            history. The Islamic Calendar today is the official calendar in many Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia. Other Muslim countries used the Gregorian Calendar for civil purposes and only turn to Islamic Calendar for religious purposes.

The Qur’an uses the word Hijra to mean moving from a bad place or state of affairs to a good one, leave bad ways of living and achieve a better life.

It was the time that the Holy Prophet decided to leave Makkah and migrated to Medina as soon as possible. He was accompanied by Abubakar because they were persecuted by the people of Mecca for teaching Islam. The Angel Gabriel came to him and told him not to sleep in his bed that night. He was to start his journey to Madinah. The Prophet moved with maximum urgency and extra care. Mis counter plan was to take all precautionary measures and set out on his way to Madinah with extreme caution, trusting that God would look after him. Shortly before midday, Abubakar had brought two fast camels in the hope that he would be the Prophet’s companion on this journey. They agreed that the Prophet would come at midnight to Abubakar’s house and set out their way. Nobody knows their departure except Ali who risked himself to take place of Prophet’s bed so that the assassin would imagine that the Prophet was in bed.

In brief they arrived Medina safely. Everybody rushed back to welcome the Prophet. They chanted a song of welcome which is still chanted today by Muslim who wishes to express their love for the Prophet. They developed a calendar which is known as Hijra and agreed to begin with-Muharram as the first month.

Salahuddin reiterates that November 15, 2012 is proclaimed as Muslim Legal Holiday in celebration of
“Amun Jaded” Islamic New Year. Every Muslim is required to renew his faith and strive to practice Islam in obedience to the commandments of ALLAH and the teaching of the Prophet. You can go to the Mosque and listen to the story that relates the ordeal during the migration of the Prophet and his companion. You can also send greetings, cards to friends, say Happy Amun Jaded. From the management and Staff of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, we wish also Happy Amun Jaded to one and all.