Jalosjos team refutes article: ‘We’re very far from collapsing’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 14:17

“We are not giving up and we are very far from collapsing. In fact, we have doubled our efforts. Our headquarters is very much visible to the public. Our activities are continuing. Anybody visiting our headquarters will see the flurry of activities we have going-on. That is not an indication of near colapse.”

This is the reaction of Atty John Luistro, official spokesman of Jalosjos, to the news article that was published in this paper yesterday.

“The news said that there is already a Supreme Court decision disqualifying Romeo Jalosjos. That is not true. We haven’t even reached the Court of Appeals yet, so how can there be a Supreme Court decision already? The author of that ‘news article’ is either extremely misinformed or he is peddling lies. I hope it’s the former. Either way, the statements he made were highly irresponsible and unprofessional. He should not have passed as news his wild speculations and wishful thinking”, added Atty. Luistro.

Another Jalosjos supporter added that the author of the alleged news article is clearly doing Fuerza Zamboanga propaganda. This supporter said, “the media hachet man of Fuerza Zamboanga is not sticking to the principles of their leader. Congressman Fabian is an amiable person who will not put down other people for his own media mileage. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of his people. The very obvious intention of the article is to bouy the candidacy of Erbie Fabian while discrediting the candidacy of Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos. If the author is a professional and a gentleman, he should apologize and rectify the wrong insinuations he made in his article, specially because there is no Supreme Court decision disallowing the candidacy of Nonong Jalosjos.”

Contrary to the wishful thinking of their political opponents, Nonong Jalosjos and his UNA Party are still very much fighting and will not give up. According to the group, their objective is to lift up Zamboanga from the stagnation it has suffered all these years.

“There is a clamor in Zamboanga City for a leader who will bring peace and order, and progress and development. I am answering that clamor. My political opponents have become desperate. They know that if elections were held, they would most likely lose. That is why they want me out of the picture. My disqualification is their only hope for clinging to power. If I will run, and I will make sure that I can, one way or another, my supporters will make me win. This is the scenario that my opponents are insecure of. I will never abandon my supporters and my supporters will never abandon me. I will make sure that my opponents will have a real fight in their hands.” Thus were the fighting words of Nonong Jalosjos. — ZTZ press release