Abaton warns jeepneys vs passenger overloading PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 14:14

Land Transportation Office-9 Director Aminola P. Abaton has warned public utility jeepneys (PUJs) not to allow or pick up passengers once their vehicles are already loaded in their maximum capacity.

Abaton has received an information about the illegal practice of PUJs to pick up passengers even if they are already loaded in maximum capacity  during early morning before office hours and after five in the afternoon.

The information reaching Abaton revealed that many PUJs continue to pick up passengers even if they are already loaded and allow the rest to ride on the roof top of the vehicles while others cling at the back of PUJs after five p.m and before office hours at 7 a.m.

Abaton explained that the bad practice of PUJs in picking up passengers more than the maximum capacity is illegal. Once caught by the law enforcers, PUJs will be fined and penalized of P1,078 for dangerous load and P 278 for overloading.

“The most dangerous is that once a PUJ experiences an accident, the coverage of medical insurance is only for those passengers within the maximum capacity. The rest (overload) are not covered by the medical insurance,” Abaton pointed out..

Abaton also warned passengers not to ride any PUJ once it is already fully loaded.

“They must wait for the next PUJ that will pass by the road,” he said.

He likewise advised  passengers to look always for their welfare and health security and must not endanger their welfare and safety to travel.

“They must not be in a hurry to ride a PUJ,” said Abaton. — Allen Abastillas