Monsi urges politicians to stop exploiting Bangsamoro issue PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 November 2012 14:24

Civic leader Monsi dela Cruz yesterday urged politicians not to exploit the Bangsamoro Entity issue and stop using it to gain political mileage and advantage.

Dela Cruz said he has observed that some politicians capitalize on the emotion of the constituents by repeatedly using the Bangsamoro Entity to draw sympathy from the latter.

“While I respect the views of others, from the very start I have been for the exclusion of Zamboanga City many years even before . . . And from the coverage area of the recently concluded peace agreement. I am glad that we are excluded except that some politicians are using this particular issue in aid of re-election,” said Dela Cruz in a press statement..

He cautions the politicians that by exploiting the issue, it may jeopardize the government’s peace initiatives in Mindanao.

Dela Cruz said it is enough that Zamboanga City had already voiced out its stand against inclusion into any proposed Bangsamoro entity and “we are very glad that the Framework Agreement does not include our beloved city in the proposed autonomous state,”

Dela Cruz, who is a candidate for the District 1 congressional seat, added that while his main political opponent has been against the creation of the 3rd congressional district in Zamboanga City, he is in favor of it.

“I will work hard with my counterpart in the realization of such a noble dream (District3). Thereby giving others the opportunity to serve our people with dignity and honor,” said dela Cruz, who currently an active businessman managing a hotel and a school.

“I am resolve to work hand in hand with other duly elected officials to bring about the dreams and aspirations of our people into a reality,” he said.
Dela Cruz bared his platform list:

1 peace and order in our City.
2. Lower taxes and realistic business incentives
3. Use of government funds to develop the city instead of depositing the money to the advantage of selected few.
4. Work for a legislative agenda that would enchance the development and interest of Mindanao, especially, our City of Zamboanga.
5. Link up with officials and offices of national government to facilitate what ever needs we have, and provide opportunities for desrving career Zamboanguenos opportunities of recognition, promotion and affirmation of the talents they have and can share.
6. Considering that our city is the sardine capital of the Philippines, i shall do everything within power to provide opportunities for trainings and alternative livelihood projects during off fishing season, thereby giving hope and ad interim employment to thousands of workers in the fishing industry who otherwise would be jobless during off season.
7. Have a regular dialogue and consultation with all sectors of the community, public and private, so as to ascertain important priorites that would need immediate and appropriate attention and action.
8. Declare my assets and liabilities in the spirit of transparency, and exercise leadership by example.