Paniqui town mayor hails sisterhood with Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 November 2012 14:26

Mayor Miguel Rivilla of the municipality of Paniqui, Tarlac yesterday hailed the sisterhood agreement that he and Mayor Celso Lobregat forged, saying it was born out of the charitable gesture that the city had extended to his town in times of calamity.

Mayor Rivilla was referring to the P500,000 cash assistance that the city government had extended to his town when it was hit by the calamitous monsoon rains last August.

“Having received that amount, it was a new lease on life, being it was only P500,000 but it was a lease on life for us,” he said adding that at the time their calamity fund of only P5 million was dwindling. “And then suddenly there was a call from DILG, telling us to go there because there was going to be a charitable contribution from Zamboanga City. Nung dumating ang P500,000 medyo napangiti poh kami.”

“Today, we are here to thank you for that charitable gesture. We have reached out as Zamboanga City has reached out to us during the time of crisis. We are now reaching out to you and no matter how far Zamnboanga City is from the municipality of Paniqui, we have been welcomed with open arms. The warm welcome you have extended to us was indeed very overwhelming,” Mayor Rivilla said during the signing of the sisterhood agreement in City Hall yesterday morning.

“Being a very humble municipality, we are very,  very glad that we did this because just on the first day (of our visit) we saw so many things, we learned so many things that we, when we go back to our municipality, can actually put into practice.”

According to him, Zamboanga’s vision and mission are very much paralleled with what it was that they in Paniqui wanted to do.  “Zamboanga City being a very, very big brother to a very,  very  younger brother in the municipality of Paniqui , but like everything else in all relationships  I think it is always a two-way street wherein as
we learn from you even in our humble beginnings in the municipality of Paniqui we can offer something back  to Zamboanga City.”

In response to a City Council resolution, seeking for a return visit of city officials to Paniqui town, Rivilla said in jest “we are much trembling with fright because we have to at least equal the welcome that you gave to us, so right now we are busy planning, we are busy doing our audio-visual presentation. But of course, I think what will eventually come out is the warm welcome that we can give to our big brothers from Zamboanga City when you visit us hopefully sometime soon.”

The mayor of Paniqui town further said that their Lakbay Aral to Zamboanga was very joyous and educational for them.

“From a small beginning, you became our model, you became our idol that we are able to emulate … ang galing poh ninyo. You have shown progress in many sectors. We are getting there and we are doing it slowly. We will have to take large steps to become what Zamboanga City has become. But I think we have started it right and looking at what we have gone through yesterday … looking how you progressed and what you have done, we will reach you guys.”

“I hope it is not Zamboanga City continuously giving to us, continuously imparting to us the qualities you have done. We hope in our small way we will be able to impart to you some good practices when you visit us soon as we continue to learn from you in our small way we will reach our goal as well,” Rivilla said.

Mayor Rivilla is joined by his Vice Mayor Genevieve Linsao, members of the municipal council and department heads. — Vic Larato