Jeep ‘conductor’ shot to death by passenger PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 November 2012 14:51

A jeepney conductor was shot dead by a passenger in Barangay Talabaan yesterday morning.

The fatality was identified as Elsar Saavedra, 19, single, of Mercedes. He sustained bullet wounds in the body and was taken to the hospital where he expired while undergoing treatment.

A police report disclosed that Saavedra was aboard a PUJ owned by his grandmother. They arrived in Talabaan from city proper at past 7 a.m.

It was learned that one of the passengers whose surname is also Saavedra alighted from the jeepney and almost fell on the ground after he lost balance while stepping down from the vehicle.

The passenger confronted Saavedra. They figured in a heated argument during which the passenger punched Saavedra which triggered a fistfight.

Amid the fight, the passenger pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and shot Saavedra repeatedly.

Saavedra was rushed to the Zamboanga Doctors Hospital where he expired while undergoing treatment.

Policemen mounted a hot pursuit operation, but the gunman was no longer in their residence.

Witnesses said the shooting took place amid a crowd. 

They said there were barangay tanods nearby but they did not respond to the incident. The gunman freely left the place. – Dan Toribio Jr.