Monsi strongly backs ‘Escuela Na Casa’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 November 2012 14:37

Servant leader and 2nd District congressional aspirant Monsi dela Cruz offered strong support yesterday to the launching of Count Me In (CMI) Movement in Barangay San Roque aimed at promoting “Escuela Na Casa” Livelihood Development Program.

The movement is headed by Michael Anova, faculty of the WMSU College of Nursing; and is composed of the university’s 4th year nursing students in partnership with the Department of Extension Service and Community Development of WMSU.

“The reason why we invited Monsi to grace the launching of our movement,” Anova said, “is because he gives scholarships, education and job opportunity to individuals especially the youth and he contributes a lot to the endeavors of supporting indigents’ development in Zamboanga City.”

“His (Monsi) works coincide with our objective which is to give the indigent residence of Barangay San Roque the opportunity to be educated and to develop values, empowering them to become productive and responsible individuals,” he added.

Monsi, in his inspirational message, said “when we empower people, giving them the right tools and opportunities to succeed in life then they become not only productive but source of strength and backbone of progress and development of our city.”

He said putting flesh into our dreams of making a real peaceful and truly progressive city, starts with the steps we take in empowering the people especially the youth.
Citing his 35 years of working towards the realization of the seeds of this dream, he said has come into fruition. “Not only that of giving scholarships but providing themm jobs and a number of them assisted in working abroad with decent jobs and now with better productive lives.”

Besides, Monsi further said the Almighty God has blessed him with the vision, wisdom and strength to establish Nuevo Zamboanga College, Inc. and NZ Foundation and NZ Movement.

In the span of three years, Monsi has in their midst a college in the heart of City and in the East Coast of Pasobolong, where many poor students who otherwise would be left out were given the opportunity to study and work.

“I am optimistic of the future, for as long as we humbly do our fair share in putting flesh into the words we speak, plans and dreams that would difference in the lives of our poor people, making them productive, giving them hope and the right tools to succeed in life,” he said.

When Monsi started the College at Pasobolong, many of his detractors questioned and laughed at the soundness of his decision. He took everything in strides. Now, it has become a reality where students are given the tools to study and succeed in life. — HG