Monsi: Jalosjos entry into Zambo politics causes rivals’ nightmares PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 December 2012 13:52

The entry of former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos into Zamboanga City politics has brought nightmare to his political opponents, according to servant leader Monsi dela Cruz.

“For this reason, they would try by all means to have him disqualified. All means,              legal and otherwise, including black propaganda and others have been used, and will be further pursued,” dela Cruz said.

“Before with the servant leader and the late mayor Vitaliano Agan, businessman Lepeng Wee, former vice mayor Mannix Dalipe, Atty. Vic Solis and Congressman Erbie Fabian, they have succeeded with flying colors but this 2013 politics which has started this early,” Monsi said, “has been their greatest nightmare, whether they admit or not.”

“Will their machineries work aided but higher interventions?” Monsi asked.

He took note that in Zamboanga City, former president Joseph Estrada and former Makati City mayor now Vice President Jejomar Binay won despite their perceived advance political machinery and advantage.

“Now, they have portrayed Mr. Jalosjos to be ‘unworthy’ using so many foul words in print media and television,” Monsi added.

Despite all these, according to dela Cruz, the “Masa” hopes that their charismatic leader Nonong Jalosjos and his chosen line up would make it and bring about the needed change, development and progress.

Monsi further defended Jalosjos and posed a question: “If the incumbent city officials in power have the machinery and resources coupled with their dirty tricks, would it be sufficient to stop the entry of the group of Jalosjos et al?”

“It is of public knowledge that these officials won because of the sympathy of the late Caling (the late mayor Maria Clara Lobregat) or even the use of charisma of Cesar (the late legendary mayor Climaco),”  Dela Cruz added.

He further asked: “With the billions deposited in the banks with only a handful of people benefited, the killings occurring frequently and other crimes, high taxes, absence of political will and discipline, lack of tangible comprehensive plan of development, will they survive the wrath of the people of Zamboanga murmuring in silence except for a chosen few benefited by patronage politics?”

“Honestly, only time would tell! But it is my honest opinion that in their thoughts, minds, actuation and even in the manner they sign their signature in official documents, manifestations of insecurity and great anxiety has come out clearly in the open, even if they would deny it in public,” Monsi continued.— HD