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Monday, 03 December 2012 13:58

Congressman Erbie A. Fabian has been described as an underdog shortly after he filed his candidacy for the mayoralty post, but due to some political developments, the man called “Amor con Amor se Paga” has taken a long stride and is seemed to have landed in the forefront of the race.

One proof of Fabian’s growing popularity was seen last Saturday night when hundreds of Salaan folks jammed the Erbie Fabian Show at the community’s multipurpose hall displayed placards showing affection to the last termer District 2 representative.

“We the sexy ladies of Salaan love Erbie Fabian Amor cun Amor se Paga, Erbie, our hope and inspiration, Erbie we will always support you,” read one of placards written in big bold letters.

The throng of supporters became riotous when an elderly man Vit Columbres belted a song number, his own original chabacano composition titled “Erbie Erbie Tu Lang Nuay mas Otro.”

The Erbie Fabian Show was the fourth night of merrymaking in the community which is preparing for its fiesta on December 8 in honor of their patron saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception.

Salaan Barangay Chair Regalado Faustino praised the congressman for the many projects he has implemented in his barrio such as the multipurpose hall, the repair of the barangay chapel, farm-to-market road and other upcoming projects.

Members of the Men in Blue Fuerza Zamboanga council aspirants, former councilor Gerry Acuña, retired broadcaster Ller Enriquez, Feltranz president Ed MIngala, Cabaluay barangay chair Mako Apolinario, retired ADZU professor Lito Depositario were also present during the show.

The congressman also serenaded the crowd with four songs and elderly women rushed to the stage to dance with him making everybody roared with thunderous laughter and applauses.

Fabian also distributed grocery items, belt bags, t-shirts, basketballs and cellphones to lucky participants. — NS