Killer of ‘conductor’ yields; ‘victim is a distant relative’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 December 2012 14:00

The man who shot and killed a 19-year-old jeepney conductor in Talabaan last Wednesday morning, surrendered last Friday afternoon.

Danilo Saavedra, 50, married, of Talabaan was detained at the Culianan Police Station two days after he shot and killed Elsar Saavedra, 19, of Mercedes.

Danilo said he approached Councilor Nuño and sought for assistance to bring him to the police.

The suspect added that after he killed Elsar last Wednesday, he boarded a pumpboat for Sacol Island, but in the middle of the voyage between Taluksangay and Sacol his boat ran out of fuel, hence he decided to return to their residence in Talabaan.

He added that he decided to surrender after learning that the late Elsar was a distant relative.

Danilo said that after he had a short conversation with Nuño, he was immediately brought to the Culianan Police Station by the councilor where he was detained.

Danilo clarified that he was a not passenger of the jeepney from where Elsar was collecting fare.

Danilo said that somewhere in Talabaan, he flagged down the jeepney where Elsar was the conductor as he was on his way home to the interior part of the said place, but he failed to take a ride because the driver sped immediately towards the border of Talabaan and Taluksangay.

Incensed, Danilo said he boarded another passenger jeepney that chased the jeepney of Elsar.

He said that when he caught that jeepney, he confronted the driver for not stopping, However, he also figured in a heated argument with Elsar that resulted in a fistfight.

Amid their fight, Danilo pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and shot Elsar repeatedly.

Danilo said he was not aware that Elsar was a distant relative adding that Elsar’s father and other immediate relatives are very known to him..

Danilo said he is willing to face the charges to be filed against him to pay for the life of Elsar which he took away. – Dan Toribio Jr.