Fabian to Zambo bizmen: I’m ready to be next mayor PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 14:51

District 2  Congressman Erbie A. Fabian, the mayoralty bet of Fuerza Zamboanga, on Thursday declared before anxious business leaders that he is ready to become the city’s next mayor in 2013.

In an impassioned and forceful speech delivered during the Candidates’ Forum, sponsored by the Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (ZCCCIFI) Fabian said a lot needs to be done to get the city going under a new and dynamic brand of leadership, one that listens to the people and is determined to succeed, “which I’am ready to provide if elected mayor.”

Also present were the other mayoralty aspirants namely ZTZ’s former Cong. Romeo Jalosjos, Albert Cajayon and administration bet Cong. Beng Climaco-Salazar.

Fabian said the answer to the problems of the city is contained in ‘Fuerza Zamboanga’s’ 10-point agenda, the group’s contract with the people of the city.

The last-termer in congress representing the city’s 2nd district, Fabian said the city needs to move forward and catch up with the galloping economic heavyweights of the city’s neighboring provinces such as Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Gen Santos City.

He  drove in the message by declaring all must start with improving the peace and order condition of Zamboanga and restore confidence to the people the city is safe to live in and invest for business and trade.

‘The buck stops here, it starts with me and ends with me your mayor when peace and order is concerned. It will be the first thing in my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I lay down to sleep at night, it is imperative the people feel safe in our city once again’, Fabian emphasized.

Addressing the concerns of the business sector, Fabian vowed not to impose new taxes and to revisit existing ones as he acknowledged this can impact on the health of business’ balance sheets and their ability to expand and generate more jobs for the people of the city.

He also assured of more incentives for doing business in the city even as he vowed to lure big mall developers and the hugely profitable call centers to the city with a highly attractive business climate.

Fabian also assured the delivery of basic government services and work on road network improvement and repair, focus on cleanliness and sanitation and reclaim the city’s reputation as one of the cleanest in the country which of late got somehow lost.

The solon also declared he will make Zamboanga, the city of flowers once again and re-establish it as a major tourist destination.

Rep. Fabian declared he is ready to lead a public-private sector effort to make Zamboanga power sufficient and blackout-free.

He said he supports efforts to bring in power based on renewable sources of energy while not discounting support power generation based on other sources of fuel, provided they comply with stringent environmental laws and regulations.

The 2nd district solon also made a strong pitch for environmental protection citing his bill nearing passage which would create a Pasonanca Watershed reserve, covering 17,414 hectares under the policy jurisdiction of the Protected area management board, to protect the main source of potable drinking water for the city.
He also called for expansion and work on a plan to move city hall elsewhere to help de congest the city.

He pointed out the need to make city hall accessible to the people especially the business sector and improve the system and reduce red tape.

Fabian said he will see to it the city council will regain its independence as a co-equal branch with the executive citing the need for the august body to decide what is best for the city without any undue pressure and interference from the office of the mayor.

The mayoralty aspirant of FuerzaZamboanga said as a true Zamboangueño, it is his dream and desire to see the city rise anew to its former glory and eminent position as the “orgullo de Mindanao” and that he and his team mates at Fuerza is ready to make it happen if they get the people’s mandate in next year’s polls. — ELB