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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 14:25

The speech delivered by District 2 Rep. and ‘FuerzaZamboanga’s’ standard bearer Erbie A. Fabian easily stood out as the best in last Thursday’s candidates forum of all mayoralty bets sponsored by the Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc.

It was concise, straight to the point and encompassing which mirrored the desire of many who wish for a new direction and fresh leadership in the city next year.

This was the assessments made by a cross section of the crowd who gathered Thursday evening (last week) at the Astoria Plaza where mayoralty bets Romeo Jalosjos, Rep. BengClimaco-Salazar, Albert Cajayon and Rep. Fabian himself delivered an insight into their plans for the city if and when elected the new mayor of the city.

Fabian drove straight to the point on what needs to be done if we want Zamboanga City to move forward and become the next business success story in this part of the country, a top official of the city’s chamber of commerce said while requesting to remain anonymous.

More incentives, tax breaks, fixing the peace and order condition, simplifying the procedures at city hall, urban planning and relocation and opening the city to investors, big mall operators and luring call centers are all heads up moves if implemented could help move the city forward in the next three years, the top chamber official added.
Veteran media practitioners nodded in agreement it would seem, the 2nd district solon presented a more coherent plan of action and direction to right the ship that is Zamboanga and move forward into dynamic expansion and progress.

They also pointed out the 2nd district solon’s desire to make the city council a truly independent branch of the government and his vow to treat it with respect and allow the city august body to pursue its agenda without interference from city hall.

What is re-assuring washis repeated vow to start everything with the immediate improvement of peace and order condition in the city.

His promise to become a consultative mayor, willing and always to listen to what the people have to say is critical, a barangay leader present added.

Fabian delivered a speech which basically laid out a doable, practical and simple plan of action in his 10-point agenda which could trigger the start of a new direction for the city, a former college professor added.

The second district solon from Mercedes was 2nd to speak after the candidates drew lots behind colleague and 1st District Rep. BengClimaco-Salazar, followed by  businessman Albert Cajayon, and then former Congressman Romeo Jalosjos, the last speaker of the forum.