Monsi: Lobregat’s greatest fear is entry of Jalosjos in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 14:09

Former Congressman Nonong Jalosjos’ entry in Zamboanga City is the greatest fear of Mayor Celso Lobregat, according to servant leader Monsi dela Cruz.

“By all means, with all their connections at their disposal they want Manong Nonong Jalosjos to be disqualified,” said Monsi, an UNA congressional aspirant in District 1.

“They have tried and will continue to do so, for them to cling to power. They know that his entry into Zamboanga politics would endanger their political ambitions,” he said.

Monsi cited the filing of disqualification cases by Mayor Lobregat’sgroup against the candidacy of Jalosjos, who filed his certificate of candidacy for mayor of Zamboanga City.

Congresswoman Maria Isabelle Climac, who is running for mayor filed a case, questioning the registration of Jalosjos as a voter in Zamboanga because he served term
in jail.

The younger brother of Mayor Lobregat, Joemar, filed a similar case against the registration of Jalosjos with the City Election Registrar. Joemar is running for congressman in District II in this city.

Also Barangay Chairman Ahmad Sampang, former Councilor Elong Natividad, Kagawad Federation president Arturo Onrubia filed a case against Jalosjos before the municipal trial court to disqualify him from seeking the mayoralty position in Zamboanga in the May 2013 Election.

Sampang, Natividad and Onrubia are all Liberal partymates of Climaco-Salazar who filed their certificates of candidacy for city councilor in next year’s poll.

Natividad and Onrubia claimed that Jalosjos cannot run for mayor because he (Jalosjos) has served term at the Bilibid National Penitentiary for statutory rape.

Meanwhile, Monsi accused Lobregat of allegedly using legal and dirty tricks that have been thrown at Jalosjos. “But it seems, people are tired with their kind of leadership.”

He stressed the city is very dirty and that crimes and killings are very alarming, “taxes are high too, no concrete incentives for investments here in Zamboanga.”

“Many jobless and poor, the issue of the MILF autonomy always used in aid of political re-election, people told to pay just to urinate inspite of their claim of billions of savings at a private bank,” Monsi said..

“The congested roads and heavy traffic coupled with poor road planning, over price purchased of vehicles some of which are beginning to have problems,” he added
In short, Monsi said there is strong clamor for real change of leadership.

“I can say this with certainty: Many businessmen, big and small are not happy with his kind of leadership which tends to be dictatorial; it seems, he always knows best.”

“The City of Zamboanga has been left out by many other cities in Mindanao. What a sad state indeed, except for the cosmetic Paseo del Mar, the Convention Center in direct competition with the private sector, source of government revenues, the Statue of The Mother and Pasonanca Stores and Park, the Fountains and Cosmetic lights for Christmas,” Monsi further said.

Jalosjos was chosen by the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) formed Vice President Jejomar Binay’s PDP-Laban and former President Joseph Estrada’s PMP to chair the UNA party in Zamboanga Peninsula. He was also endorsed by the UNA national stalwarts as the party’s official mayoralty candidate in Zamboanga City.

As of press time, the Court of Appeals has not decided yet on the cases against Jalosjos even as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is reminding candidates running for various positions in the May 2013 elections of the December 21 deadline for substitution of candidates.

Comelec said that candidates who filed their certificates of candidacy last October has only until December 21 to make necessary withdrawal and substitutions. It explained that substitutions are allowed for those who filed their CoCs from October 1 to 5.

The substitute must belong to the same political party as the candidate. He or she should also have a certificate of nomination and acceptance by the political party he or she belongs too. — HG