Volumes of illegally sold firecrackers at old market seized PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 December 2012 14:23

Operatives of the City Hall’s Task Force Limpiesa confiscated volumes of firecrackers being sold illegally at the old public market the other day.

Team C of TFL led by SPO2 Antonio Sanchez under the supervision of Sr. Insp. Ramon Bautista, Jr. proceeded to the old public market particularly at the Ukay-Ukay section to implement Executive Order No. CL-481-2012 that regulates, controls and limits the sale of pyrotechnics in the city of Zamboanga, when they spotted the assorted pyrotechnics.

Vendors scampered in different directions after sensing the arrival of the police leaving their wares behind.

The seized items were turned over to the City Administrator Office for proper disposition.

The city government and the police are strictly enforcing the executive order on the selling of pyrotechnics as only those legitimate businessmen with permits can sell pyrotechnics. – Dan Toribio Jr.