‘Walk the talk,’ Monsi tells local leadership PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 January 2013 14:53

“The local leadership cannot just talk and talk, it must learn to walk the talk.”

Thus emphasized servant leader Monsi dela Cruz in a New Year statement assailing and criticizing City Hall of doing nothing to address the real and serious problems in Zamboanga City, including criminalities, dirty streets and surroundings, chaotic and undisciplined parking downtown and monstrous traffic situation.

“Every new year affords us the golden opportunity to improve our lives, the lives of other people as well as better policy directions that will augur our city towards better future with greater opportunities for our people to be happy and inspired, instead of the usual killings in the heart of our city, the dirt in the streets and surrounding communities, the lack of discipline of parking all around and chaotic traffic.

Dela Cruz said many people who are jobless and poor are praying for government intervention.

“Perhaps, the billions of pesos deposited in the banks could be positively put into concrete use, to spur job creation and economic activities with many chain effects on the living conditions of our dear people,” Dela Cruz said..

He added that many people are complaining in whisphers for fear of vindictiveness of high taxes, “yet poor government services with a lot of red tapes.”

The former priest said the people cannot be contented with fountains, lights and other cosmetics.

“Look at the dirt in our streets, chaotic traffic, absence of discipline and political will, killings in the heart of the City, lack of government integrated planning resulting to floods, lack of new road opennings, the poverty of our people crying for jobs and attention when they are sick and when someone dies without a peso for medicine or coffin for a decent burrial. Yet billions lying in some banks contented with a trickle of interest rate. It hurts! But this is the naked truth,” Dela Cruz lamented.

He suggested that instead of the government competing with the private sector, re; convention center and other white elephant projects, it must have a policy direction that would inspire the business community to greater heights through concrete business incentives that would generate more job creation and other positive economic activity.