Rose Furigay emerges as top mayoralty bet in Lamitan City PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 January 2013 14:31

Because of her motherly approach and her soft spoken way, but armed with concrete programs for the development of Lamitan City, mayoralty aspirant Rosita “Rose” Furigay, the better half of third-term Mayor Roderick Furigay, is gaining support from the city’s populace including the women sector.

At this early, Mrs. Furigay is trying to manage her time to cope with invitations from different sectors that are supporting her candidacy.

Mrs. Furigay, who was born in Campo Uno, Lamitan City, appears to have emerged as the top aspirant for the mayoralty post, according to Liga ng mga Barangay President Mannan Sumampil.

“May mga tauhan kami sa mga barangay. So far, mas matunog ang pangalan ni Mam Rose (Mrs. Furigay) ke sa maga kalaban nya. It is probably because of her platforms of government and of course, maganda din ang performance ng asawa niya (referring to Mayor Furigay) kaya willing sila to give their votes for her,” Sumampil said.

In the May election this year, Mrs. Furigay will face two other aspirants for the mayoralty post , first-term Councilor Hegem Furigay and incumbent Vice Mayor Arleigh Eisma.

Sources told DZT that Hegem Furigay, who is the nephew of Mayor Roderick Furigay, had no intention to run for the mayoralty post but was only forced by some groups  believing that the Furigay votes will be divided in favor of Vice Mayor Eisma.

Of the three aspirants, Mrs. Furigay, who once chaired the local tourism council in Lamitan, was the one officially endorsed by 36 of the 45 barangay councils and an overwhelming support through a manifesto from the biggest Lamitan clan —CPAF (Cuevas-Pamaran-Antonio-Flores).

Mrs. Furigay is cum laude graduate of one of the prestigious educational institutions in Cebu. She graduated the course of BS Pharmacy.

“The campaign has not yet started. Many unexpected things will happen. No one can tell as to who is going to win in the election. But I’m sure that the people will always remember the positive things we have done for Lamitan,”said Mayor Furigay, described by many as a visionary leader.

Refuting claims from political rivals of alleged dynasty, Mayor Furigay said that while it is true that he is running as vice mayor under the banner of his wife, “we never have the intention to put up a dynasty to the place that Lamitenos love most.”

“How could one claim that we are introducing political dynasty here where we are subjecting ourselves in an election. The people will be the one to decide later. For me, dynasty is somehow similar to dictatorship, wherein one tries to control everything for their own vested and personal interest. If the people think that we could do better for Lamitan, that’s fine. If they think the other way around, what can we do? At least, I have shown my best for the Lamitenos and I am going to continue serving my people if given the opportunity to work with someone whose heart belongs to Lamitan,” Furigay said.— Jimmy Villaflores