Monsi gears up for post Xmas fellowship with ZTZ at Dakak PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2013 14:48

The Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ) under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party will hold its post Christmas activity this week at Dakak in Dapitan City, according to servant leader Monsi dela Cruz,

Monsi said this year 2013, they will present their lives and themselves as servant leaders led by former congressman Nonong Jalosjos.

“We will also present our lives and ourselves as positive messengers of change with our humble record of performance in the private sector,” said Monsi, the UNA congressional aspirant for District 1.

Monsi was referring to the academe, the giving of scholarships, medical outreach and livelihood projects, free lots for the poor in a personal capacity, in infrastructures such as school and expansion of the city development, without the use of government in aid of election.

“Our dear people would be the final arbiter of their future deserving leaders, who will work for the City and the common good, instead of the usual family interests and personal political agenda,” Monsi continued.

Commenting on an information reaching their camp that someone is trying his best to stop their barangay officials from attending their scheduled post Christmas activity at Dakak, Monsi said as if the monopoly for power is eternal when in fact, it is transient.

However, Monsi said that in spite of the pressure, many barangays have still opted to join them in their Christmas fellowship and that they will certainly enjoy the memorable fellowship.

“With a little patience, in few months, the moment of truth shall surface whether he truly still have the love, trust and mandate of our dear people,” he said.

The servant leader further said that with the billions deposited in the bank and many jobless, hungry and poor people, the killings, the chaotic traffic, the floods, the lack of tangible planning and progress in the city, with so many problems, he wonders if the people can still bear with them. — HG