All set for Jalosjos post Xmas fellowship tonight at Dakak PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:11

In what is to be expected asthe biggest gathering of Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ), hundreds of barangay officials mostly kagawads from the different villages in Zamboanga City will meet tonight to take part in a post Christmas fellowship at Dakak,one of the famous resorts in the Philippines.

Servant leader Monsi dela Cruz said this post Christmas activity is about sharing the blessings to fellow men and giving love to the people to the best way they can. “It’s about reaching out people and letting them feel that someone care and love them.”

“Sharing and giving of blessings are not only during Christmas, so let our ‘hermanos y ermanas’ feel our warmth love and care to them...let’s share our blessings in any forms and express our love by reaching out to them,” Monsi added.

As of now, according to Monsi, more than 250 barangay officials including kagawads have confirmed and decided to honor the invitation of former congressman Jalosjos.

“It’s all set, no one cancel the trip of Barangay officials to join the Christmas fellowship tonight at Dakak on invitation of Manong Jalosjos,” Monsi further said.

“He (Mayor Celso Lobregat) can not do that again,” Monsi stressed, referring to the 2011 event where Mayor Celso Lobregat through the Liga Ng Mga Barangay Federation cancelled the trip of 98 Barangay chairmen to attend the First Regional Barangay Convention in Dakak, Dapitan City citing peace and order and security concern.

Reacting to a report that pressures have been exerted by his political rivals and detractors on barangay officials not to join their Christmas fellowship at Dakak today, Monsi said still many of the kagawads have decided to join them.

“Great and good sign! The result is beyond my wildest expectation,” he said. “Once more, I am humbly knocking on your good heart to be with us in sharing our blessings. Through giving we will be able to reach out people and let them feel the true spirit of Christmas.”

He said that small things to them are big help for the barangay officials. “The spirit of Christmas still there so let us put smiles to their face and warmth their heart with love. Share your blessings…give love…

and reach out…it’s not how much you give but the love you put into giving.

Monsi said: “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth – I JOHN 3:17 -18.”

Mayor Celso Lobregat said he cannot stop barangay chairs and kagawads who wanted to go to Dakak for the post Christmas activity of the ZTZ under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party today at Dakak in Dapitan City.

“Dimiyo posisyon alyi tiempo ya para ase claro donde sila. So, el dimiyo no pwede man ta sangga, no wede man ta para si quiere sila na otrolaw alia sila,” the mayor told local reporters.

Lobregat, however, said for those who are supporting the administration, “Pero si taki sila ta suporta con el administrasyon. It is best no mas ya anda porque kay si hinde ase pa intriga ase pa picture picture better pa cuentas claras.”

Asked his reaction about those who will be joining the ZTZ at Dakak will mean their support to Jalosjos team, the mayor said: “Most probably porque sila anda lejos para atende Christmas party? Akabaw ya man el Christmas.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Federacion del Barangay Kagawad de Zamboanga (FEBARKAZA) said kagawads will have to ask for permission from their respective brangay captains before going to Dakak.

In a radio interview, Arturo N. Onrubia said: “Hinde kita ta aguanta kanila they know their responsibility si quien quiere anda hinde kita ta aguanta kanila at least necicita tiene sila permiso del barangay kapitan because they are traveling outside the city necicita tiene sila permiso de barangay kapitan.”