Bogus government agency involved in extortion busted PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 15:18

Government forces raided an office of the so-called Presidential Anti-Smuggling Commission (PASC) which is an illegitimate agency of the government being run by unscrupulous individuals and scheduled for a grand opening yesterday at  the Baliwasan Commercial Complex (BCC) compound.

Armed with a search warrant issued by the Regional Trial Court Branch 15, men from the City Police Office led by City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo, PCTC, Regional Intelligence Division, NISG, Regional Public Safety Battalion and Presidential Anti-organized Crime Commission swooped down on the said office situated at Stall No. 63 at BCC.

Although scheduled for opening and operation yesterday, personnel and staff of the said bogus commission were nowhere to be found when the government raiders arrived. Apparently they sensed that the office would be raided.

In Davao City, policemen and PAOCC recently arrested in an entrapment operation four personalities behind the operation of the bogus commission. They were identified as Hadji Bangcula Tawasil Pang Koh, Retired PNP Sr. Supt. Prudencio Gadingan Enojo, PO2 Elbonn Abubakar Appi and PO2 Sibre Basal Ismael.

Lawmen recovered from their possession several identification cards of PASC with signature of a Cabinet undersecretary, travel orders, bond papers with letterhead of the PASC and two handguns.

They were arrested for usurpation of authority and robbery with intimidation.

The Office of the President had earlier issued a certification signed by Ma. Lourdes De Leon showing that Pang Koh, Enojo, Appi and Ismael are not employed nor connected in any capacity with the OP and PAOCC.

According to a high ranking official, people behind the PASC extort some businessmen using the name of the PASC which is not connected to an government agency.

After the arrest of the four men in Davao, authorities applied for a search warrant here in Zamboanga City upon learning that there were persons ready to operate such office here.

De Ocampo disclosed that during the raid, nobody was arrested as no one was around despite its scheduled opening and first day of operation.

The management of HMIJ-BCC said that last December unidentified persons went to their office and agreed to rent a space at BCC  at P8,000 a month.

That persons paid a down payment of P10,000 but did tell the management what kind of office they were putting-up.

The BCC management said they did not get the identities of the said persons who applied for  the space rent.

Authorities said PASC is an illegitimate agency of the government.

Executive Order No. 18 issued by the president on December 9, 2010 abolished the Presidential Anti-smuggling Group (PASG). The government did not create any Presidential Anti-Smuggling Commission (PASC). – Dan Toribio Jr.