Monsi bares legislative plans to help Zambo business sector PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 January 2013 15:35

Servant leader and District 1 congressional candidate Monsi Dela Cruz yesterday bared his legislative plans if his bid will be successful in the May elections this year.

Among Monsi’s plans are aimed to help businessmen in Zamboanga City make their ventures viable and profitable that would allow them to increase their labor force and thus generate more jobs for Zamboangueños.

For example, Monsi said, he would call for a revisit and study of the law on cargo shipment which at present puts local businessmen on a disadvantage position.

He said the present law makes it more expensive to ship cargoes from Manila to Zamboanga City than to have them shipped from other countries like Hongkong or Singapore.

Monsi said there is a need for congressional attention on the needs of factory and sardine workers during off fishing season.

“There should a legislative measure that would give alternative means of livelihood for sardine factory workers during close fishing season,” said Monsi.

The servant leader said there should laws that would provide incentives to local investors and businesses willing to infuse investment capital in labor intensive and developmental projects and that would minimize red tapes in government offices and assists businessmen.

In addition, Monsi said he would call for study of laws that would affect and benefit the people in the City of Zamboanga on the following areas: transparency and accountability of elected officials, the creation of the 3rd congressional district and the on-going negotiations of government with the MILF and other groups,

Moreover, Monsi would come up with bills that would assist young people wishing to avail of scholarships and job opportunities, laws that would facilitate the needs and woes of our urban poor,

Meanwhile, the servant leader said if elected into public office, he will make sure to consult “well meaning people will to give their two cents worth.

“Aleader simply cannot do it alone with the mentality of always knowing best than others. Palaging bilib sa sarili!

I am ready to accept suggestions, recommendations and inputs of others, if and when needed for the welfare and common good of our people and City,” Monsi stressed.
“As servant-leader, I am committed to have my feet on the ground and ears ready to listen to the suggestions of respected as well as simple ordinary people in our community. My record as a builder, educator, businessman, founder of institutions, movements and existing foundations is of public knowledge and scrutiny,” he said.”If given the chance, I am ready and prepared to bring my vast experience in the private sector to the people I shall serve as a future elective official, God willing!”