FEATURE - Poverty to success: Monsi helped couple work in US PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 January 2013 14:51

A small boy, elementary graduate unable to study because of poverty was “adopted unofficially” with the permission of a widowed mother from Pasobolong by the name of Maynardo Ramillano. He was given the opportunity for free to study high school and college by Monsi. After graduation, he was recommended to work at Ecozone for few years.

Upon the advice of Monsi, he worked hard and married a young hardworking nurse from Sta Maria: Anne Aquino. With the help of Monsi, Anne was given a break to work at Doctor’s Hospital.

Monsi promised them an opportunity to go abroad if they remain focused, humble and faithful to each other. Anne faithfully took good care of her cancer stricken mother till death. Then the opportunity came for them to go abroad to the United States. Monsi as promised provided them the opportunity. He gave them the resources to reach their goal and go abroad, including plane tickets.

Fortunately, the US Embassy gave the entire family, including children, the necessary VISA and other documents. Now, the couple and children are in the US, both gainfully employed. They have their own house, transportation and all other necessary facilities for a comfortable and decent life with savings of their own. Their children: Andrea and Mikky are doing fine and studying well.

Lately, they came to the Philippines to visit their respective families and Monsi, to say a million thanks.

Monsi known for his generosity gave the family of Maynard 200 square meters in front of the new Nuevo Zamboanga College,Inc at Pasobolong. Now with a house and a little store.

In the hearts of many young people and professionals, Monsi has constantly touched their lives, given them real hope and inspiration and most important of all, scholarships and job opportunities here and abroad. This story continues until today and perhaps, even when he is gone. He has established institutions of learning for the poor to give hope and opportunities of a better life, and he founded a foundation duly registered with SEC, known as Nuevo Zamboanga Foundation, Inc silently helping hundreds of young people, many of them already productive in society and professionals.

Crisanto “Monsi” B. dela Cruz, a true and dedicated servant leader of Zamboanga, known as a builder of landmarks, a successful businessman and leader, Founder of Nuevo Zamboanga College, Inc and Nuevo Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. has truly walked the talk. He inspires and leads by example.

The success story of Maynard and Anne continues until this very moment in the lives of many young professionals and young people, because of God’s instrument: Monsi, as fondly called and endeared to thousands of people in Zamboanga City.By — Billy Gongora is president of the Young Professionals