Sacol folks thank city for road PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 14:21

Mobility in the 4 barangays comprising Sacol Island used to be a demanding and laborious task given the rugged terrain and earthen road. That was  before.

Now, travel and transport of products from one barangay to the other is quicker and easier with the implementation of over P30 million worth of road concreting projects measuring approximately 13 kilometers in barangays Landang Gua, Landang Laum, Busay and Pasilmanta.

Mixed emotions filled the residents of the four island barangays who joined Mayor Celso Lobregat, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and other city officials and guests in inaugurating P20.3 million worth of road projects, measuring almost 8.66 kilometers long and several other infrastructure projects Sunday, January 13.

The circumferential road winds from Landang Gua to Landang Laum, Busay and Pasilmanta.

Sophia Abdullah, a former kagawad in Pasilmanta could not hide her excitement and jubilation as she thanked the City Government under the leadership of Mayor Lobregat for not reneging in its commitment to help and support barangays regardless of location, accessibility in reaching the area and regardless of barangay populations, faith, culture and beliefs.

“Ta dale gayot kame gracias kun Mayor [Lobregat] kay estaba gayot ele aki para personal entrega este maga proyecto [We thank Mayor Lobregat for personally coming here to turn over these projects]”, Sophia said.

The circumferential road, she stressed will make life easier and happier in the island.

“Before, when not a meter of road was concreted, there was no motorcycle on the island,” Borong, a kagawad of Pasilmanta said in chabacano.

Because of the implementation of the circumferential road, residents have started buying motorcycles. “Now, you can see 50 mostly new motorcycles because we now have road,” he said declaring “I bought my own motorcycle just a while ago.”

“Antes, tormento gayot, kaminando lang kame, ara bien enbuenamente ya [Life was so difficult before, we have to travel on foot but now travelling is easy and faster]” he added.

Mayor Lobregat together with Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and other city officials including the mayor’s brother, Jomar, Sunday morning took off to Sacol Island and inaugurated a total of 8.66 kilometers of road including a fence and basketball court worth P20.3 million. Joining the mayor were Councilors Mike Alavar, Percival Ramos and Eddie Saavedra together with Kit Barredo, BG Guingona, Art Onrubia, Elong Natividad, the mayor’s Executive Assistant Amilpasa “Caloy” Bandaying, who served as guide to the project locations and City Engineer Luis Despalo and staff.

The mayor and party jumped from one barangay to the other for the series of projects in a convoy of 34 motorcycles. Lobregat is Zamboanga’s first mayor who went to the four barangays in Sacol in one day using the road network.

Aside from inaugurating the 8.66 kilometers of concrete road, the mayor also led in the inspection of some .630 kilometers of road worth P1.5 million.

In prior years, some P11.012 million worth of road concreting projects measuring 3.73 kilometers were implemented in Sacol Island which now total P32.826 million measuring a total of 13.025 kilometers. — Sheila Covarrubias