Celso, Beng dialogue with reg’l execs on transfer issue PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 January 2011 16:23

Mayor Celso Lobregat and District I Cong. Beng Climaco conferred with regional executive directors Friday afternoon to discuss issues and concerns pertaining to a memorandum circular directing a moratorium on the transfer of regional offices from Zamboanga to Pagadian pending study and consultations.

The Presidential Management Staff (PMS) in a letter to Mayor Lobregat dated January 4 (but received only January 13), has asked the city government to answer 3 questions with the end in view of helping the said agency in its study as mandated in Memorandum circular 11. The questions include one, where should the regional government center of Region IX be located? And two, what are your main considerations for choosing this location? Please elaborate on each (economic and social factors, accessibility, adequacy of facilities and quality of service).

The city’s response to the questions is expected on Thursday, January 20, on or before 10 am.

MC 11issued Dec. 22 by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. on authority of President Aquino, directs a moratorium on the transfer of regional offices of all departments and agencies from Zamboanga to Pagadian pending a study on the matter and consultations with relevant stakeholders to be jointly conducted by the PMS, Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of Budget and Management.

The 3 agencies tasked to conduct the study are directed to submit a comprehensive report of their findings together with their recommendations to the President 30 working days after the issuance of the Memo circular.

Mayor Lobregat said the meeting with the regional directors clarified issues pertaining to the moratorium and was also purposely to ensure that justifications that are to be submitted are accurate and reflects the true and real sentiments of the people concerned.

He said the city government for its part, will comply with the directive to answer the questions to aid the PMS in its study.

He stressed that it was the feeling of all the regional directors that Zamboanga City should remain as the regional center as they find it more accessible and more practical with all the facilities in place and more adequate.

“Because of pressure they have to toe the line and were supposedly simply following orders”, the mayor said adding that the moratorium was a temporary relief for the regional directors and the employees.

Climaco thanked the regional directors for positively responding to the invitation to the meeting saying that it clarified numerous issues following the issuance of the moratorium and the conduct of the study.

She said the moratorium will ensure that the regional directors will have the opportunity to come up with a concrete justification as to why the regional center should be retained in Zamboanga vis a vis th e present situation.

Climaco and Mayor Lobregat have been working closely with regards to the move to retain the regional center in Zamboanga City. -- Sheila Covarrubias