Jomar: Zambo’s serious road congestion needs solutions PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 January 2013 14:07

District 2 congressional aspirant Jomar Lobregat of the LP-Adelante Zamboanga City has tagged the traffic problem as one of the serious concerns he would look into if ever he will win in the May elections.

In a news conference Saturday night, Lobregat expressed alarm over the present overall situation within the city’s six kilometer radius wherein almost all major and minor roads and streets are jammed with vehicles making it very difficult for all motorists to reach their destinations, especially on rush hours during week days.

“My vision of Zamboanga is it is a growing city.. When a city grows, there’s a lot of problems that go with it,” said Jomar, younger brother of Mayor Celso Lobregat, “ and one of them is the number of vehicles in the streets.”

Jomar said it would not take long for the number of vehicles to increase and double in the next few years, hence there is a need to put immediate attention to this particular concern.

He said there are several long and short term measures to address the road congestion in Zamboanga City and these include, opening of new roads, putting up of mass transit system like the Metro Manila’s LRT, removal of obstructions and similar others.

Jomar however said to start with, the best short term measure is educating motorists on road courtesy and discipline.

“It important for all motorists to know road courtesy and discipline in order to main order on the road,” Jomar emphasized.

He said there is also a need for strict enforcement of road regulations and traffic rules like the “no-parking”, unloading of passengers by public utility vehicles.

He added that the taking out of obstructions is vital to the make roads wider and easier for traffic flow.

Jomar stressed that to tackle this serious problem, there is need for all stakeholders to take part and be consulted like the business sector, because if certain measures will implemented, several business establishments will be affected.