Clean Zambo first if we want tourists to come, says Monsi PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 January 2013 14:29

Want to draw tourists to Zamboanga City? Clean first the city, especially the downtown area, the main streets and the barangays along highways.

Thus emphasized servant-leader Monsi dela Cruz as he laments the present state of cleanliness in Zamboanga City that is struggling to lure tourists in the past years.

Monsi, who is running for the congressional seat in the first district, said that if his bid is successful, he will introduce several measures that will make Zamboanga City clean and attractive to tourists and visitors.

He said that at present Zamboanga City is indisputably far from being clean and obviously not attractive to tourists.

“Piles of garbage and trash bags hanging on electric posts and fences are a common sight in almost parts of the city... This is an ugly thing for tourists to see,” said the servant-leader, who has received praises for bringing many significant improvements to Lantaka Hotel, a popular destination and billeting place for both foreign and domestic tourists.

Monsi said apparently the city’s garbage collection system is not efficient and defective because the daily garbages from the barangays are not well collected and disposed.

In addition, the streets are littered with other trashes like cigarette butts, styrofores, plastics, candy wrappers and other similar unsightly things, said the servant-leader.

He said that if he wins, he will work for the improvement of the garbage collection system not only in District 1, but in all parts of Zamboanga City.

By improvement, Monsi said, there is a need to acquire more modern garbage trucks and to hire more personnel, to provide funds to barangays for the purpose of garbage collection.

“There is a need for more street sweepers... It is possible to create a department whose sole task is to make Zamboanga City clean and handsome by handling the garbage collection and embarking on other programs for the purpose of cleanliness,” Monsi said said.

He proposed the holding of cleanliness contest among barangays, households and business establishments and to provide prizes and incentives that will motivate all residents and stakeholders to make Zamboanga City clean and  competitive in tourism.

“The city can do all these considering it has billions of pesos in the banks,” he stressed.