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Monday, 28 January 2013 14:31

Invited to deliver a message, UNA vice mayoral aspirant Mercy Arquiza-Fernandez spoke to the upcoming high school graduating students, their parents, relatives and teachers of Ferndale International School.

Dubbed the “Career Week”, the gathering yesterday was a symposium in which various speakers gave guidance to the students on what college courses to take and what career paths to pursue.

Arquiza delivered a guiding as well as an inspiring talk. She began: “I will speak to you as a mother tending to children’s decision making as to what professions to pursue.”

“My way was simply motherly. I urged my children to follow their hearts but never forgetting to consult their minds and picking on the wisdom of their elders,” she continued.

She also called upon the upcoming high school graduates who, at the same time, are the incoming first year collegians to indeed follow their hearts.

She exhorted the teachers and the parents  present to help the career “pathfinders” or the would be graduates to consult their minds in deciding what college courses to pursue.

“A few meaningful tips and their rationale would help the students a lot in reaching decisions that would be good for themselves, their parents and their siblings” formed the gist of her humble advice to all present.

According to Mercy, in her own little way, “I encouraged my children to listen to their heart beats but at the same time hear the suggestions of their minds.”

As a result, she further said all her four children have graduated from their studies and now do their livelihoods well and happily.

In making serious decisions in life, the vice mayoral aspirant whispered “to follow your heart and be moved to action by the murmurs of your mind, one can’t help but succeed..Surely by doing so, you’ll reach  your stars.”