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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 14:57

The city government under the administration of Mayor Celso Lobregat has completed a total of 3,831 various projects amounting to P5.43 billion from the period 2007 to 2012, including ongoing projects and those already submitted to the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for implementation within the next five months of 2013.

“All of these were done without having to borrow a single centavo from any financial institution. Truly, the best is already here and still so much more is coming in the remaining 5 months of my term,” Lobregat emphatically declared in his last State of the City Report (SOCR) before members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod yesterday morning at Centro Latino, the newest facility at Paseo del Mar Complex.

Topping Lobregat’s infrastructure accomplishments were concreting of farm-to-market roads, concrete overlay, re-blocking and asphalt overlay totalling 493 projects amounting to P826.81 million with a total road length of 179,690.18 linear meters or 179.69 kilometers combined.

These include the P83.16 million Curuan-Lunday road, the P48.26 million Tugbungan-Divisoria road, the P42.93 million Ayala-La Paz road, the P25.91 million Pamucutan farm-to-market roads, the P25.76 million Limpapa road, P25.10 million Sacol Island circumferential road, P25 million Cabatangan-Sta Maria roads, P21.75 million Latuan road concreting, P21.53 million Sibulao road and P15.38 million Cabaluay road.

Lobregat also reported 363 flood control projects worth P383.56 million, 91 bridges, box culvert and spillways amounting to P235.67 million, and 402 school buildings projects with 637 classrooms combined in the staggering amount of P839.8 million, including 463 repaired classrooms.

Barangay halls that included multi-purpose centers, daycare centers, health centers and hospitals totalled 130 projects amounting to P268.19 million. At least 44 barangay halls were constructed and/or reconstructed and 13 more are under construction.

“Desde Labuan hasta Licomo inclujido maga isla tiene barangay halls,” the mayor said, adding that his administration in tandem with the Zamboanga City Water District had implemented 79 water system projects, including artesian and deep wells costing P161.27 million.

The administration has also constructed 41 covered courts, waiting sheds and basketball courts worth P46.03 million, 233 site development and other structures amounting to P501.95 million. Upcoming are the P16 million development of Sta. Cruz Island, P30 million Disaster Risk Reduction Management Center and the P65 million Sanitary Landfill project.

Health and social services also took a substantial share in the administration’s accomplishments with P58.15 million for the construction 36 health facilities included the expansion of Vitali lying-in hospital in the amount of P4.8 million.

The mayor also stressed that sound fiscal management is one legacy that he can proudly hand over to the next administration.

“Prudent and judicious allocation of the city’s fiscal resources and spending the funds more wisely and sensibly has made Zamboanga City one of the most stable local government units in the country today,” he said, citing the 2010 Report of the Commission on Audit, covering 112 audited cities, placing Zamboanga City No. 6 in terms of assets, No. 5 in terms of government equity, No. 10 in terms of income and No. 5 in terms of net income.

Lobregat said when he was elected in 2004 the annual budget of the city was P1.034 billion. “As I end my term, the project annual budget for 2013 is P2.194 billion ot P1.156 billion increase—more than double the 2004 budget.”

In 2012, the total revenue collection from all sources was P1.969 billion, which was 7.25% lower than the total revenue of P2.123 billion in 2011 as a result of the P215 million reduction in the city’s Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) following the conversion of 16 municipalities to cities.

Nonetheless, the impact of the IRA reduction was cushioned by the P61 million increase in local revenue collection from P498 million in 2011 to P559 million in 2012.
In his 30-page report delivered in almost 2 hours (1:53 to be exact) and interrupted by 63 applauses from the audience, Lobregat minced no words in saying that that come June 30 he will leave Zamboanga to the next mayor in a better shape that when he assumed office in 2004.

A thundering applause echoed from the audience when Lobregat asked them in this wise: Have I done the right things to make Zamboanga a better and more beautiful place to line in? Is Zamboanga now a better and more beautiful place, and have I positively made a difference and improved the lives of the people of Zamboanga?

Also reporting their accomplishments were Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, District 1 Rep. Beng Climaco-Salazar and District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian. — Vic Larato