ATM partylist gathers 150 leaders in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 February 2013 14:30

The Abante Tribung Makabansa (ATM) partylist on Wednesday met with 150 leaders from the city’s 98 barangays and informed them of its plans and priorities.

Hadji Nouh Daiman, the partylist’s 3rd nominee, disclosed that if given the chance on May 13 election, they will push their main priority in Congress which is the “anti-discrimination act” as they believe that act will bring changes in the country and makes it progressive.

Nouh said in that act, Muslims and Christians especially in Mindanao will be more united in attaining true peace.

Nouh added that if Mindanao will be more peaceful, more investors from other countries will put up businesses and more residents will have jobs.

He explained that with the present situation in the country especially here in Mindanao, we cannot achieve developments.

Nouh said the insurgency problems in Mindanao should be addressed well to attain peace and development.

ATM is clearly a marginalized sector as it represents the Indigenous People.

ATM has also a wide representation of IP communities in Mindanao as shown by its votes in 2012 where it landed in the top 10 in almost all provinces of Mindanao except ARMM and some provinces in Region 12.

ATM is the only partylist that has private communal property, the ancestral domain where the last bastion of natural resources are found.

It is also the only sectoral partylist that has direct bearing and directly affected to include being principal stakeholder for counter measures in the areas of “Climate Change Advocacy”, “responsible and sustainable mining advocacy”, “preserving our national heritage and culture advocacy”, “Protecting our biodiversity and environment advocacy”, “securing our natural resources and sovereignty advocacy”.

ATM is also the only sectoral partylist whose traditional leaders were either silenced and or murdered and whose communal land are targeted for control by armed groups to fight against government. Empowering and capacitating the IP communities will stabilize national security concerns.

At present, ATM has gained a lot of supporters in the city.

Also present during the gathering were Saripa Pittoh, kagawad of Panubigan and council aspirants Atty. Susan Delos Reyes and Jihan Edding. – Dan Toribio Jr.