Boy drowns after sailboat capsizes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 January 2011 11:57

A seven-year-old boy drowned while two others were taken to the hospital after a sailboat (vinta) capsized amid big waves off Zone 7, Ayala last week.

Dead was Raven Dharyl Bench Makipoten Misa while his cousin Heider Misa y Ontilla, 8, and their friend Lea May Bughaw, were taken to the Brent Hospital.

A police report disclosed that Raven and his family were having a picnic and after they ate lunch, he, Heider and Lea May boarded a sailboat which was anchored along the shore.

Moments later, the sailboat capsized after it was hit by big waves sending the kids into the water.

The kids were rescued by other picnickers and first aid was applied on them. They were then rushed to the hospital where Raven expired while undergoing treatment.

The remains of the boy was taken to the Ayala Public Cemetery for burial. -- Dan Toribio Jr.