Cop hurt, pal unscathed in Maasin morning ambush PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 February 2013 10:51

Two policemen escorting a school principal and a teacher engaged in a shootout with two gunmen at Sitio Cabigan, Upper Maasin yesterday morning. One of them was wounded and rushed to the hospital.

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo disclosed that SPO3 Navata Juhassan and PO2 Nurhassan Arasa, both of the Sinunuc Police Station, were riding on motorcycles with school principal Mrs. Olga Amolo Guevarra who was riding on another motorcycle driven by her husband Leroy and another female teacher aboard another motorcycle driven by her boyfriend heading for Cabigan Elementary School in Upper Maasin past 7 a.m. when two young men opened fire on them at a secluded area, Leroy told the police that they spotted the two young men standing along the road at a distance.

He said when they were approaching them, the two men suddenly drew their handguns and shot the two policemen on board their motorcycles.

The first gunman shot Juhassan who was ahead of the convoy and the bullet only hit the lawman’s jacket.

The second gunman opened fire on Arasa hitting him in the left portion of the body and left leg.

Arasa was tailing behind Guevarra’s motorcycle.

Arasa fell on the road due to the bullet wounds and Leroy decided to stop their motorcycle amid the gunfire.

Despite the bullet wounds, Arasa approached Gueverra and tried to cover them from the bullet being fired by the second gunman while Juhassan was concentrating on the first gunman who shot him.

Because of the bullet wounds in Arasa’s body , Guevarra’s husband decided to get his  pistol and fired at the second gunman who was trying to approach them.

Guevarra’s husband recalled that he was able to shot three times at the second gunman but was not sure if he hit the target.

Guevarra’s husband told the police that he shot the gunman to stop him his plan on them. The gunman along with his cohort withdrew in different directions.

The female teacher who was with her boyfriend who were on the convoy at the back also fell on the ground after Olga shouted them todrop on the ground amid the shootout. The teacher sustained injuries in the body.

De Ocampo said that right after the incident, policemen from the different stations and units rushed to the area and conducted hot pursuit operation against the gunmen.

De Ocampo said he assigned the policemen to escort the teachers of Cabigan Elementary School after they had received reports of sightings of suspicious persons in the area.     

Guevarra told the police that the gunmen were seen before roaming outside their school.

Police were looking into gun snatching as the possible motive of the gunmen. – Dan Toribio Jr.