Rep. Loong backs MNLF initiative against Abus PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 February 2013 10:03

Sulu District 1 Rep. Habib Tupay Loong is fully supporting an initiative taken by Ustadz Habier Malik, commander of the Moro National Liberation Front, in confronting the Abu Sayyaf with the determination of rescuing the hostages who are still under the custody of the terrorist group in Sulu.

Loong told newsmen yesterday that although the confrontation between the two groups brought negative effects because both protagonists are Muslims who are fighting one another however, it is beneficial for the interest of the security of the country.

He emphasized that he appreciates what Malik had done although it is the primary duty and responsibility of the national government to put a stop on the criminality brought about by lawless elements out to sow terror in the province.

The Sulu congressman pointed out the fighting among the two groups will lead to more bloodshed as this will result to personal animosities resulting to family feud.

He appealed to the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the police to resolve the problem since it is under their mandate to make sure that the lives and properties of all concerned are safeguarded.

Lastly, Loong chided the Commission on Elections for the gun ban policy saying there were no proper consultation with various officials who are affected with the guidelines.

“Imposing the gun ban on mayors, governors, vice governors especially the escort policy poses some problem to us elected officials. I am now travelling to Manila, Zamboanga then to Sulu without any escorts or bodyguards. A mayor was already killed in Manila because he was vulnerable without escorts. We are living in high risk
situation here,” Loong said.

Loong asked Comelec to modify the gun ban policy adding consultations should have been made to the concerned and affected politicians. — KS