Fabian: All sectors should be consulted on peace-order woe PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 February 2013 10:07

“We cannot improve peace and order si puro boca lang. Let us accept the fact that something is really wrong with the peace and order situation in the city. Let us ‘walk the talk’ and try to do everything to stop this before it’s too late.”

Thus emphasized District 2 Cong. Erbie Fabian as he was reacting to the spate of killings recently, saying this is one concern that will send a message to everyone that solution to this problem should have been done a long time ago.

Fabian said it is about time to convene the Peace and Order Council and listen to all the suggestions, proposals, ideas and plans of all the various sectors concerned for immediate solution to this alarming state of affairs.

“All sectors such as religious, academe, police, military, industrial group, business, barangay leaders and other segments of the society should be invited to hear and listen to each and every suggestion that would in a manner help solve this annoying condition besetting the city,” Fabian stressed.

He said some well meaning friends have talked to him about this to possibly convene the Peace and Order Council for all sectors to brainstorm and adopt practical measures to find better solution to the problem.

“Of course the mayor is really doing everything,” Fabian said.

Asked his reaction to text messages circulating in the city about kidnapping threats on teachers, Fabian said the intention is clear to put the city in bad light.

The congressman said people should not be alarmed over these messages. Baka propaganda lang se diila.”— KS