PWD sector appeals for support for its partylist PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 February 2013 14:03

Nowadays there are millions of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines who are hoping to voice their sentiments for a long period of time as they are Filipino citizens who were not be given opportunities to live normally due to disabilities. Some wealthy and well known families believe that the PWDs are bad luck.

Despite these circumstances in some areas in our nation, there are more PWD personality boom through their talents, skills and abilities. For more occasions PWDs are proud to discover their unique  abilities in the midst of their disabilities. The PWDs such as the blinds use their ears to see while the deaf use their  eyes to hear and the deaf mutes use their fingers through sign language to speak. In short, they are using their  common sense in the absence of some senses in their lives.

Looking at the effort of our government as it is the prime entity tasked to look at the PWDs’ flight as part of our society, there are more laws for the sector, but they are not fully implemented. Most of them feel they are victims of politicizing by our politicians.

There are more observable happenings against the PWDs since they are weak, but still they are not  losing their hopes and aspirations to live normally as they are still human. They are now ready to compete  with anyone in the Philippine Congress through the Partylist System. The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has chosen to accredit only one to represent persons  with disabilities or PWDs. The PWD Partylist brings vision and mission for the removal of barriers, systematic and  attitudinal that hinder PWD participation in community life and to empower the PWD sector by uplifting existing economic and social conditions for their progress.

Ms. Rina Jimenez-David, Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, wrote in her column last February 3, 2013; “This is the Pilipinos with Disabilities (PWD), No. 10 in the list of accredited parties. In its approval, the Comelec said its support for PWD’s petition is “breathing life to the constitutional mandate that the weak be given power, that the voiceless be heard and that they be enabled to become veritable lawmakers themselves.”   

The group’s first nominee is Mike Barredo, a long-time leader of the blind community in the country who has expanded his crusade to cover the cause of all PWDs in the country. The other nominees are: Manuel Agcaoili, Luis Jose Arellano, Adeline Ancheta-Dumapong, and Octavio San Agustin Gonzales.

In this development, the PWD Sector nationwide appeals for support for their journey to join the Philippine Congress through the Partylist System. The PWDs assured that they are so different from the traditional politicians (TRAPOS) who  are in the Congress for a long period of time to travel around this world using Juan Dela Cruz’ money.