2 political leaders reconcile with Tongkil Mayor Sahidulla PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:40

Political maturity has led two strong political  leaders of Banguingui, Sulu to  reconcile with Mayor  Abdulwahid Sahidulla on Sunday as they expressed their utmost desire and support to help the mayor bring forward their  municipality to development and progress.

Muktar Sahibul of Barangay Tinutungan and  former mayoralty aspirant and Muharram Jainal,  former councilor of Mayor Sahidulla visited  him at his office  and shook hands with the mayor.

The two asked Sahidulla for reconciliation which the mayor accepted in the presence of some  municipal officials ad employees.

“We are here to  seek your hand for reconciliation in the spirit of  political maturity. We hope that  you will accept our  apology  and forgive us for what we have done to you before when I seek the mayoralty post in 2007,” Sahibul  told  Mayor Sahidulla.

“We are also here before  you to let you know that we are very much wiling to help you in your desire to bring forward the municipality to development and progress,” Sahibul said.

Sahidulla stood up, and with tears of joy in his eyes, embraced Muktar and told him “I already forgave you long time ago and  you are always welcome to join the wagon  of development of  our town.”

Sahidulla said “as the father of the  municipality, I have to forgive these two here who now vowed to help me in my efforts to bring development and progress to this town.”

“Wala akong magagawa. BIlang ama ng Banguingui Municipality ako ay taos pusong tinatangap at pinapatawad sila. Kaya masaya ako dahil kami sa munisipyo ay nagiisa na ngayon para sa ikabubuti at ikauunlad n gaming lugar,” Sahidulla said.

He said with their  reconciliation, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility will again reign in the hearts of  our  relatives — Sahidulla, Sahibul, Jainal and  the people of the municipality.

Peace and development must go hand in hand in order to bring progress to the community and free the people from hardship or poverty, the mayor said. — Nonoy E. Lacson