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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:42

Bunguiao folks on Monday praised Congressman Erbie A. Fabian for the many significant things done in their community during his term of office as representative of District 2.

Bunguiao Barangay Chair Nestor Atilano highlights one of the very important gift Fabian gave to Bunguiao — the bill establishing the Bunguiao National High School.

Atilano revealed that hundreds of high school students from Bunguiao and neighboring communities are now benefiting from that law because “our students now have a secondary school right at their very doorsteps.”

Unlike before, the students of the said barangay travel to Manicahan to have their secondary education at the Manicahan National Extension High School which is about ten kilometers away from Bunguiao proper.

Not only Barangay Chief Atilano has good things to say about Fabian, but ordinary residents who were jubilant during the Erbie Fabian Show held at the Bunguiao Elementary School campus in celebration of the barrio fiesta.

Farmers in the area also lauded Fabian for appropriating funds under his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for the concreting of the farm-to-market road from the Bunguiao proper all the way up to Sitio Nangka.

“Ara bien bonito ya el camino ta puede gayot kame lleva diamon maga producto na pueblo, hende igual antes bien tormento gayot,” one of the farmers said.

Aside from the infrastructure projects, Fabian also provided funds for the repair of the community chapel and the church and also for the water system.

The congressman along with members of Fuerza Zamboanga to include congressional aspirant Councilor Lilia Nuno, council aspirants Gerry Acuna, Ller Enriquez, Ed Mingala, Mako Apolinario and Lito Depositario hailed the huge crowd that jampacked the school campus to watch Fabian and be entertained by the fantastic show.

The crowd turned frenzy when t-shirts, bags, basketballs, volleyballs, jackets of the congressman plus hundreds of slippers, umbrellas courtesy of “Motherly yours Lilia” were tossed in the air to the surprise of those present.

The crowd shrieked in joy as  Fabian offered cellphones to ten handpicked senior citizens who couldn’t believe that after all these years they are now included in the world of modern communications.  - KS