Sulu governor’s kin clear Arbison on Sulu bombing PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 14:42

A man who claimed to be a relative and top aide of Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan executed a sworn statement (deposition) along with his son and nephew vindicating former congressman Munir Arbison and Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie from the charges of masterminding the May 13, 2009 bomb explosion at the          vicinity of the provincial           capitol in Patikul, Sulu.

Hadji Alihaidar Hasan, who said he is a cousin and former trusted man of Gov. Tan, said that the contents of the joint affidavit signed by his son Fahad and nephew Hadzmar Tamano pointing to Arbison and Tulawie as masterminds of the Sulu blast, were false and mere fabrications prepared on the instructions of the Sulu governor by two agents of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) with the collaboration of a Sulu prosecutor and two assisting private practicing lawyers in Zamboanga City.

Hasan, in his affidavit filed on October 18, 2010 before Bienvenido P. Orillo, First Assistant City Prosecutor of Zamboanga, said he was instructed by Gov. Tan to look for witnesses after the findings on the explosion failed to implicate his (Tan’s) political opponents.

It will be recalled that an improvised explosive device (IED) which was loaded in a parked motorcycle exploded along Gov. Murphy Sangkula Elliptical Road in the vicinity of the Sulu provincial capitol as the convoy of Gov. Tan passed at noontime of May 13, 2009. Ten persons were injured in the blast. The governor was unhurt.

“When an explosion hit his convoy and the investigation results were not satisfactory to him, he conceived the idea of putting the blame on Congressman Arbison who was already rumored to run for Governor and Cocoy Tulawie, who was also rumored to run against his uncle in Talipao, Mayor Tambrin Tulawie, a close ally of Governor Tan, in order to prevent them from running against him,” Hasan’s affidavit partly read.

Being the governor’s cousin and trusted man, Hasan readily acceded when he was told to look for witnesses in order to pin all of his (Tan’s) political opponents. He also claimed in his affidavit that, at that time, he feared no one for as long as it (instruction) was for the benefit of the governor.  

However, Hasan later realized the wrong done to Arbison which made him feel guilty especially because it was his son and nephew who were used to stand as witnesses against the former solon and Cocoy Tulawie.

He then decided to change his mind and tell the court and the public that all evidence against Arbison and Tulawie and the other accused were all fabrications made at the instance and instigation of the governor. He then told his son and nephew to retract their joint affidavit which was prepared for them by two practicing lawyers in Zamboanga City.    He also said the fabricated contents of the joint affidavit of his son and nephew were made according to the instructions of a Sulu prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Hasan’s son Fahad and nephew Hadzmar Tamano said that allegedly two agents of the CIDG prepared and made them sign their supposed joint affidavit implicating Arbison and Tulawie as masterminds in the May 13, 2009 explosion in Patikul, Sulu.

In their separate joint affidavit of retraction filed on the same date with Fiscal Orillo in Zamboanga City, Fahad and Hadzmar said they met with the CIDG operatives in a hotel in Zamboanga on January 25, 2010.

But when the alleged CIDG-made affidavit was not strong enough to support the filing of charges in court, they were directed to prepare another one. On alleged instruction of a prosecutor, they met with two Zamboanga-based lawyers on Januray 26, 2010 who readily prepared the contents of their joint affidavit without their participation, Fahad and Hadzmar claimed.

The instant affidavit prepared by the two lawyers became the basis of Arbison’s implication in the case, they said.

And when another explosion rocked the Zamboanga City International Airport on August 5, 2010, they (Hadji Alihaidar Hasan, Fahad Hasan and Hadzmar Tamano) were again utilized to positively identify an alleged suspect whom CIDG operatives had arrested in Jolo. Governor Tan also claimed that he was the target of the Zamboanga blast, they said.

The arrested suspect turned out to be Abner Salahi Tahil whom police earlier identified only as a certain “Abs.” Tahil has executed an extra judicial confession at the 9th Regional Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Zamboanga City and has allegedly claimed that he worked as security officer of Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie during the latter’s political campaign for councilor of Jolo, Sulu in 2004. 

Shortly thereafter, a CIDG supplemental case report dated September 2, 2010 quoted Tahil’s supposed sworn declaration implicating Sulu political leaders in the alleged assassination plot against Gov. Tan.

Fahad and Hadzmar said they executed the joint affidavit of retraction to attest to the truth and to stand as witnesses against the governor, the Sulu prosecutor and the two Zamboanga-based practicing lawyers. 

Machine copies of  Hasan’s affidavit as well as the joint affidavit of his son and nephew were furnished Daily Zamboanga Times. — News Release