Ex-police chief nixes move to downgrade Sacol police station PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 14:11

Former City Police Director retired Sr. Supt. Rex Miravite yesterday lauded the City Peace and Order Council chaired by Mayor Celso Lobregat for the creation of the Central Police Station but expressed disagreement on the downgrading of the Sacol Police Station into a mere Community Police Action Center.

Miravite, who was the first City Police Director in 1995, said the creation of the central police station is long overdue which is supposed to be formed right after the Zamboanga City Police Office was classified as Class “A”.

Under the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) of the PNP, which Miravite believes is still in existence, Class “A” police office is entitled to a minimum of 11 police stations.
“Based on that TOE, there is no need to downgrade the existing police station in Sacol Island. Instead, the city government and the PNP should further strengthen it so as to improve the security measures in the island barangays,” Miravite stressed.

Sacol Island, Miravite pointed out, is most of the time, the exit point of criminals, thus the need to maintain it or even strengthen its police force, equipment and facilities.

But through a text message, City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin de Ocampo said that TOE has long been amended limiting the number of police stations in a class “A” police office into a maximum of 11.

With the creation of the central police station, the number of the police stations in the city went up to 12, thus the need to downgrade one.

Mayor Lobregat said that CPOC has decided to downgrade the police station in Sacol Island into a mere COMPAC under Culianan Police Precinct.

Sacol group of island needs more support to properly maintain the peace and order of the area, Miravite said.

At present, Lobregat is on his way of choosing a police officer, preferably with the rank of superintendent (Lt. Colonel), to lead the newly created central police station which is still under the supervision of the city police director.

A reliable source said that Ayala Police Chief Supt. Hado Edding, former Isabela City Police Chief Rodrigo Maramo, Tetuan Police Station chief Albert Larubis and Zamboanga City Mobile Group chief Diomarie Albarico are among those being considered to head the station.

Among those being recommended, Edding will most likely be chosen because of his vast experience in the police force, the source said. — Jimmy Villaflores