Erbie calls for aggressive new fight against dengue PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 February 2013 11:22

District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian has called on local authorities to conduct aggressive campaign to combat the upsurge in the incidence of dengue fever in the city.

Rep. Fabian expressed alarm over the high number of cases reported by the City Health Office as figures have reached 200 confirmed cases with four fatalities this early in the year.

The solon said health authorities should start counter measures especially in areas where most of the cases were reported to have broken out.
Fabian, a nurse by profession said dengue cases are very delicate that patients need immediate medical intervention or could lead to death of patients afflicted with the disease.

The solon also called on barangay officials to effect massive cleanups of their surroundings to prevent the breed of the mosquito carriers of the disease.

‘Stagnant waters, open canals and damp moist places must the covered and we must fumigate the vicinity if only to deny the carriers of the disease places where they can stay and breed.

‘It would seem much needs to be done still in our fight with Dengue in the city as this is an alarmingly high number of cases reported and we are only in our second month of the year’, the solon intoned.

He also called on parents to attend to their children if they get stricken with fever and to seek medical help immediately.

Most of the cases turning fatal is because it took time before patients, mostly children were brought to the hospitals to be attended to by doctors as parents were misled by the onset of fever in their kids.

Dengue is more common during the rainy season by this year but this early it is now showing manifestations of being just as resilient during the hot summer months.

Last year, city health officials were forced to raise the epidemic alert as over a thousand cases were reported throughout the city with many fatalities.

A more aggressive whole year approach to Dengue prevention and intervention is needed, Rep. Fabian said in the case of Zamboanga City.

All must be active participants in the campaign and each one can start by ensuring clean surroundings in their homes to help in sanitation and cleanliness campaign, the solon added.