Mercy donates wheelchairs to differently able persons PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 February 2013 10:58

For several years, Eufemio Cabreros, 78, a resident of Purok 3 in Barangay Lapakan, used a wooden walking aid. Now, he sighed relieve when a team of Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ) led by United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) vice mayoralty aspirant Mery Arquiza arrived and gave a wheelchair.

As Mercy’s team composed of congressional aspirant Mannix Dalipe of District 2 and his council partymates Al Jihan Edding, Susan delos Reyes, and John Dalipe  lifted Eufemio’s weak body on to the chair and assisted him around, giving him instructions on how to use the wheelchair, the ailing Cabreros posed with smiles.

The old man thanked them and emotionally told the story of his suffering several years already. He also told Mercy that he can now start a new activity since he can now easily move with the wheelchair.

Mercy said ZTZ members led by former congressman Nonong Jalosjos are striving hard to help the disadvantaged members of society by sacrificing part of their earnings.

“I felt gratified that we were able to help less fortunate ones, even if it was just with a donation of wheelchair. I believe that they were satisfied,” Mercy said.

Then the group proceeded to another place in District 1 to personally handover the wheelchair where it was donated to former councilor Crecenciano “El Pecho de Bronze” Cabanlit, who can’t hardly walk now.

The delighted former alderman of the city, who was one of the finest politicians of his time, smiled a lot thanking not just the ZTZ, but the Almighty God too.
Mercy’s donation of wheelchair to the less fortunate ones was not the first humanitarian activity. When she was councilor in Dapitan City, she had already been donating wheelchairs to differently able persons especially the polio victims.

It was learned that Mercy team is planning to conduct related activities in the next few days to come. — HG