Mercy to establish independent council if she wins as vice mayor PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 February 2013 11:46

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) vice mayoral aspirant Mercy Arquiza-Fernandez said she would like to establish and maintain an independent hardworking council if she wins this forthcoming May 13, 2013  elections.

In an interview, the vice mayoral aspirant said she wants to have a council with members homeward bound at their voting decisions independently and basing them on what is best for the constituents.

In the present system, the city government has three independent and co-equal branches: the executive, legislative and the judiciary. The Chief Executive which is the mayor, the City Council which is composed of vice mayor (The Presiding Officers and councilors and the Local Court.

“However, if the mayor does not belong to my party, for instance, but there will be executive encouraged ordinances and resoltuions. If I can see that this is designed to benefit the city and its people I will 100% support that but if I can sense that this is only designed to promote vested interest and not the interest of the people I will oppose that,” Mercy said.

Asked what will be the first thing she will do if elected as vice mayor, Mercy said she will fill up the memberships and chairmanships of the various committees, if there is need to add committee she will do so.

“If not we will be at peace and comfortable with the present committees but I will give chairmanships even those who do not belong to my party because that’s only fair everybody should be given an equal chance to serve the people,” she added.

Secondly, according to Mercy, after having done, organized the committees and fill them up she will now task either a new committee or a committee that will be relevant to the topic and will task them to make a committee of the whole.

“We will also catalogue and document all ordinances or resolutions that remain unimplemented that fact that have already been approved and remain unimplemented. We will prioritize those and then out of or beyond their legislative functions, some of the councilors will be urged to coordinate with the implementing bodies and the implementing government agencies to make sure that all thoses ordinances are executed,” Mercy further said.

On the question, what makes her different from the incumbents? Mercy said she is a woman and her motherly instincts will help a lot. “As you know, the council is like a house - there is the woman, and the father, and there are members of the family.”

Usually, she said family members coming from the the same blood line are all characteristically strong, thus, there’s a lot of debate going on but as a mother she will guide them properly and explain to them why this is so and why this is not so.

“We will explain to them why we should be united in our view of a particular issue or ordinance and then I will make my motherly charm work on them so that we will not quarrel with each other and etc. and instead focus on authorizing and debating and finally passing an ordinance or resolution that will benefit the city and its people,” Mercy said. — HG