Fabian to consult biz leaders over job opportunities in ZC PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 11:10

District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian has started a series of serious consultations with top business leaders in the city on how best to increase employment opportunities in the city.

Fabian said many here remain without jobs and more are under employed which bears heavy consequences forcing government to utilize much needed funds for social amelioration.

Fabian observed job opportunities are scarce forcing many of our countrymen to seek employment elsewhere or go abroad to earn decent living.

Zamboanga City, being one of the premiere economic centers of the region, can take the lead by making available jobs here plentiful for the people.

“This can only happen if we provide the necessary tools and incentives for business and industries to relocate to the city. It will be a matter of making the city investment friendly and provide all the basic requirements to entice big business to come over,” said the last termer legislator.

Fabian added all the more, focus will be on improving peace and order, providing steady supply of power, communications, improving the airports and seaports to world class standards and ensure world standard training for qualified workers.

He added, initial feedbacks from some business leaders have given him insights on what has to be done, on where to focus resources to make the city competitive.

While working on enticing outside capital into venturing here, local business must take the lead and expand existing investments further.

A sound and viable business, trade and commerce development program is a cornerstone of his agenda which he intends to implement fully in the years ahead.