Dead baby girl dumped in Cawa-Cawa beach PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 11:26

A newly-born baby girl was found dead along Cawa-Cawa beach (RT Lim Boulevard) yesterday morning.

Police investigators spotted a laceration on the baby’s throat with blood stains during an ocular investigation.

The infant, wrapped in a blanket and still having an umbilical cord, was dumped along the shore fronting Pilar College.

Police estimated that the mother had just delivered the baby few hours ago before dumping it along the shore.

Investigation was still ongoing to determine the cause of the laceration wound in the baby’s throat.

Police discounted abortion since there were signs that the baby was delivered by her mother.

The baby estimated from 7 to 8 pounds had white complexion.

The cadaver was brought to the Villa Funeral Parlor for post mortem examination. — Dan Toribio Jr.