Noise barrage at city jail; warden imposes ‘no visit’ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 February 2013 14:19

City Jail Warden Chief Insp. Julius Arro has imposed a temporary “no visit” policy at the city jail  after some 200 detainees staged a noise barrage in their detention cells yesterday morning.

In an interview, Arro said that inmates of the “Batang Mindanao” group created noise and screamed in protest against  against his leadership.

The inmates were reportedly asking the relief of Arro.

The warden said that earlier he had received reports that some visitors managed to sneak into the jail some contraband items like drugs.

He said the smuggling has the consent of the leaders called “mayor”.

Last Tuesday, Arro met with the inmates and asked them if they  want to change their leaders. During a voting process, Arro said, no one from the inmates chose to change their leaders.

Yesterday morning, the inmates staged a surprise noise barrage destroying some properties of the city jail. They banged their plates, plastic gallons, kitchen utensils and woods, while calling the ouster of Arro.

There were also placards posted outside cells with messages of disappointment on how Arro is running the city jail’ Men from the City Police Office under Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo were sent to the city jail to secure the area and to prevent possible jail break.

Arro said the noise barrage stopped after local newsmen arrived and interviewed some of the inmates

The warden said there was no violence during the noise barrage but there were properties that were damaged.

Arro said that as a sanction to what happened yesterday, he imposed a temporary “no visit” policy, while they were still investigating the case.

Visitation will be resumed as soon as everything will go back to normal.

Moreover, Arro said he will personally lead inspection of all detention cells to check for contraband items.

The warden reasoned out that he is just strictly implementing the rules and regulations of the jail especially on contrabands. – Dan Toribio Jr. and Noning Antonio