Zambo rock band vies in Nokia music contest PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 January 2011 14:21

Mottaka, an all-Zamboangueño rock band is hitting the right note as the band competes in the in the semi-finals of the widely followed Nokia Music Connection in Manila this week.

The annually held Nokia music contest intends to discover new acts to strike a recording deal, tours and promotions and to enliven the Philippine music industry with fresh talents.

Twenty-three-year old Maverick Sebastian, son of Marlon Sebastian, Hard Rock Café artist and now based in Bangkok, is Mottaka’s high octane frontman. Maverick and the rest of the band members are set to appear on MYX channel for a special interview and live studio performance.

Mottaka however needs the help of their compoblanos, as they will be judged by a panel composed of recording company executives, and songwriters. 20 percent of the votes to be counted in will come thru text vote online. As Zamboangueños rooting for a homegrown band, Mottaka is appealing for their fellow Zamboangueños to log online Nokia website on Nokia Music Connection.

Mottaka is now included in the semi-finals, and online voting has started.
Councilor Gerky Valesco, a consistent supporter of local artists and musicians, said Mottaka is doing its best and their share to give glory to the city, but, Zamboangueños can help carry that dream and make the city even prouder by voting online.

“Zamboangueños are blessed with talents be it in music, the arts, theatre or performances. But I think, this is the moment where we, the people, and as Zamboangueños can show to all and sundry on the benefits if we will always stand united. Mottaka is a great band with great prospects ahead. Let us support Mottaka in the same way, we support other local bands,” Valesco said.

Maverick, the lead vocalist, is the nephew of City Tourism Officer Sarita Sebastian-Hernandez and Mico and Mel Sebastian, all of whom have rich background in music.