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Friday, 22 February 2013 10:55

Twenty-five years ago in Sta. Catalina, a poor area of Zamboanga City, a group of three young Catholic teachers, members of Silsilah started a lay community called, “Emmaus Dialogue Community”, dedicated their life to the mission of dialogue and peace through the Silsilah Dialogue Movement. This simple beginning and experience of living among poor Muslims and Christians in the city was a clear sign of their commitment.

Emmaus Community is recognized also by the Catholic Church as a lay association, through the years, the group opened its doors to Catholics, married or single, who continue to live with their family with the commitment to follow the same vocations of the Emmaus Dialogue Community. Today Emmaus Family is consists of the

Emmaus Dialogue Community, a community of Catholic women with vows of commitment, the Emmaus Circle, members who are Catholics, men and women, married and single, who live with their families and the Emmaus Disciples, young Catholic men who decide to become priests as part of the Emmaus Family.

Emmaus started among the poor and the needy ones and the Emmaus Family members are committed to live in simplicity even if some have high positions in society and in the Silsilah Dialogue Movement. Faithful to this initial spirit, on February 10, 2013, the Emmaus family celebrated the closing of the 25th Anniversary of the Emmaus Dialogue Community with a group of Children with Special Needs. It was a touching experience. The venue was in the Emmaus House of Spirituality (EHOS) in the compound of the Harmony Village.

The day, February 10, was chosen to remember the beginning of the Emmaus Experience (February 8, 1987) and the feast of the Virgin of Lourdes, a special day dedicated to sick people. In the morning, a group of children with Special Needs with their parents were welcomed by the Emmaus family members and were given special attention. In the afternoon, the celebration of the Eucharist followed. During the celebration twenty members of the Emmaus Family renewed their commitment. One, Ruel Sagario, was accepted for the first time as an Emmaus Circle member to start his journey of formation to become priest.

At the end of the celebration all the participants, including the children with Special Needs and their parents, went to the Grotto of the Virgin of Lourdes near the Church and offered flowers.

For the Emmaus Family this event was an occasion to have a meaningful closing of the 25th Anniversary of the Emmaus Dialogue Community reaffirming the initial spirit of their vocation following the Beatitudes of Jesus as role of life. Thus, to be involved with the poor and needy ones is one of the important aspects of the vocation of the Emmaus Family.

Silsilah is proud to have the Emmaus Family as one of its part, formed by Catholics and also the “Muslimah”, a group of Muslim Women who was inspired by Emmaus and organized themselves as Muslim Women who live the Islamic Faith as instruments of dialogue and peace in society.