Ramos remains GM as NEA begins hearing of charges PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 January 2011 14:42

Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative General Manager Reinerio Ramos will still continue to function as the cooperative’s general manager despite the pending administrative complaint filed against him and 10 other members of the board in connection with alleged anomalous transactions resulting to poor management.
National Electrification Administration- Administrative Committee (NEA-AdCom) member Noli Alamillo clarified that it is only the NEA Board of Administrators can decide whether or not Ramos should be placed first under preventive suspension while the case is still being heard by the NEA-AdCom.
Yesterday, the NEA-AdCom started its preliminary hearing on the charges filed against the respondents (Ramos and 10 members of the Zamcelco board). It was held at the conference room of City Hall.

According to Alamillo, Ramos has already submitted to NEA his answer on why he should not be placed under preventive suspension.

“We are not tasked to take any action except to gather pieces of evidences from the parties involved. In this preliminary hearing, we have determined the real party in interest. We will have to submit all these information and evidence to the NEA Board for proper action,” Alamillo said.
Of the 10 Zamcelco board members, it was only Noel Tarrazona of District III who was present in yesterday’s preliminary hearing together with their lead-counsel Elpidio Nuval, who represents the 11 respondents.

Present were members of the multi-sectoral group led by Atty. Carl Rubio of the Nuevo Zamboanga Movement and former Councilor Juan Climaco Elago, who at the same time serves as the intervenors.
According to Alamillo, the intervenors have been advised to file their written intervention on the case and have already agreed to submit their position papers.

The next hearing has been set on February 23, 2011 still  at City Hall conference room.
Alamillo said that two preliminary hearings will be conducted, after which position papers will be submitted to the NEA Board of Administrators to determine whether or not trial will proceed.

With the coming in of the intervenors, Alamillo said, “there is now really a complainant who shows interest on the case.”

Alamillo said the intervenors have shown interest on seven issues raised by us against the respondents from the motu propio investigation.

The purchase of the 10-megawatt transformer costing P33 million, the lot in Barangay Talon-Talon, procurement of the luxurious vehicles, the questionable love drive of P20, 000 per member of the board, purchase of the lights and sounds that cost more a million pesos, the internal control issue and the purchase of materials without the approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission, are the controversial issues that Zamcelco failed to explain, said Elago.

“Actually, we plan to add some issues but in the meantime, we will first focus on the seven controversial issues,” Elago added. — Jimmy Villaflores