LTO’s new plates out by second semester of 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 February 2013 14:27

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Friday said that motorists and vehicle owners will enjoy tamper-free license plates equip with safety features in the second semester of 2013.

This was confirmed by assistant secretary Virginia Torres as she assured vehicle owners that all the needed features are present to make it tamper-free.

Changes had been remarkable in the new license plates as private vehicles will have the usual three controlling letters plus four digit numbers (LTO 1234) while those plates for motorcycle will have two controlling letter combinations with five digit numbers (AB 12345).

The routes of Public Utility Vehicles will also be present in the new license plate (Malanday-Pier) below the plate number.

“The new license plates will have plate lock to protect the owner against burglars that renders the license plate unusable if one tries to forcibly remove it,” Torres told reporters in an interview.

She said that if the plate is stolen, they cannot be used on other cars because the seal of plate lock will be broken and it will be unusable.

Torres said that they had started the process of sending invitations to interested bidders.

“Added features include laser-engraved logo at the back of the plate, and a bar code to check if the plates match vehicles they are assigned to,” Torres pointed out.

Records show that there are about 7.7 million registered vehicles but motorcycles dominated as they represent 53 percent.

She said they will be strict with the winning bidder that all approved features should be present to all new license plates and should be followed religiously.

“Hindi na rin magagamit ng magnanakaw ang plaka kasi meron itong plate lock. Kapag ninakaw ito, hindi ito pakikinabangan kasi sira na ang plaka,” she added.