Malunggay from Zambo finds market in China PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 February 2013 14:33

Did you know that the lowly malunggay now joins the ranks of Region 9’s export products? Yes Matilda.  Our locally grown malunggay now finds a market in China as an ingredient for pet foods.

A local businessman discovered that there is a demand for the product in China and started to ship malunggay chips processed from the leaves, pods, branches, and even trunks of the plant.He revealed that the malunggay chips are being further processed or milled into pet food by a feed miller in China.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through its Zamboanga City Field Office assisted the fledgling company in registering its business and in export document facilitation.

The DTI also mulls on helping the company in mechanizing its operations because right now the chips are being produced mano-mano (manually). It will also help the company in sourcing raw materials as well as find financing to enable it to increase production.

Malunggay, scientifically known as Moringaoleifera is sometimes called the miracle tree because of the diverse benefits one gets from the plant –  from the leaves down to the roots.

The leaves and pods are said to be power-packed with nutritional value, containing more vitamins and minerals gram for gram compared with most other fruits and vegetables.

The DTI said that it hopes the export products derived from maluggay will eventually diversify from the present form as pet food ingredient to move up the value chain, such as into malunggay-based nutritional supplements, as food fortificant, as source of biofuel, and even as an organic water purifier.